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Geo-Academic Bio.



Born in 1978, Chloris Lowe was raised in West Central Wisconsin. After initially completing an education for a career in law enforcement, Chloris decided to pursue his true passion and enroll in classes at the University of Wisconsin, thus beginning his foray into studio arts.


After earning a BFA in 2004 from UW Madison a decision was made to focus his attention on enhancing the level and proficiency of his woodworking skill set. In order to do this Chloris moved to Maine in the winter of 2005 where he enrolled in classes at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship (CFC). Upon completion of his studies he stayed on at the CFC initially working as a summer assistant followed by being awarded a seven-month Fellowship position. Chloris used this time as a Fellow to begin to find his “voice” as an artist. It was also here that he began to form his first professional relationships with clients and galleries alike.


During his time at the CFC Chloris began applying to Masters Programs and was accepted into the MFA in Furniture Design Program at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).


While at RISD Chloris was able to pursue and dissect abstract concepts relating to the role of the “object” and the various levels at which it may function. It was also at RISD that Chloris was introduced to the concept of relational aesthetics as art form, thus helping to form the foundation for his thesis as well as inform subsequent works.


Since graduating with his MFA from RISD in the spring of 2009, Chloris has continued to maintain his studio practice while teaching and lecturing at a number of colleges and art communities around the US.


Though much attention has been paid to developing a proficiency in woodworking, Chloris’s work encompasses a wide range of media including steel, fabric, ceramics and concrete. His adeptness at working with these materials allows for the creation of work which illustrates his attention to the diverse materiality of objects and their placement in the mind as well as the world.